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KNUST EXAMS: SRC Adopts Measures To Help Students Avoid Trails

KNUST EXAMS: SRC Adopts Measures To Help Students Avoid Trails

End of first semester examination for the 2017/2018 academic year has officially commenced in the Kwame University Science and technology (KNUST). Similar to previous examination in KNUST, students preparations and expectations towards this semester’s exams has generally been filled with higher anticipations of passing very well.

About 19,243 first year students are writing end of semester exams for the very first time in their university education in KNUST.

Previously, there had been complains by students on restrictions by university’s authorities on the time at which classrooms and libraries are closed to prevent students from studying in the night during examination periods in those areas, a situation which students believe affected outcome of their exams.

In an effort to help students study thoroughly and prepare themselves adequately for the end of first semester exams, the Students Representative council (SRC) have succeeded in their solicitation for a 24hr library operation which will enable students study in the main library of KNUST (Prempeh II Library) throughout the day and night. Approval has also been granted by the university authority for the non residential facility (Non-Re) and the newly renovated building opposite the Architecture department to be opened as a learning center in the exams period.

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The 24hr library operation begun on December 1, 2017 and is expected to run through the examination period and may continue in subsequent semesters.

Additionally, the SRC through its transport commission has made provision for busses to convey students to their various hostels off campus throughout the night for the period of the examination.

The busses have been scheduled at specific destinations and time for morning and overnight sessions.

According to a communique issued by the SRC to students, unlike the existing system where busses are only stationed at the commercial area and pick up students at various bus stops, the new module will have busses at the following places:

  • Commercial area
  • Baby Brunei Hostel
  • Royal Parade grounds
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This session runs from 7:15 am to 8:00 pm

Two main stations have been allocated for the overnight sessions at the Royal Parade grounds and Casely Hayford Building (Destiney). The session runs from 8:00pm to 6:am

According to the SRC, these initiatives are aimed towards making sure that the number of trails recorded in KNUST examinations are reduced drastically.

Several students have commended the SRC for these measures put in place to assist students prepare adequately towards their exams.

Students are therefore entreated to take advantage of these new measures to their benefit.

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  1. Check ur facts well

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    Secondly the 24hr library is expected to start 4 december which is today and not 1st December

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